To Schedule your CBT you will:

  • Log into your profile and click on "My Certification Portal"
  • Click the link on the left in the light grey box that reads "Schedule /Manage Exams"
  • If the exam is showing as available you will click on one of the following:    
  •  click on "Resume Exam Request"  and follow he prompt to receive your authorization to schedule and then the click on Schedule/Manage Exams again the click the tab that reads "Schedule with PearsonVue" and           follow the prompts to schedule your exam.  

Or you may see:

  •  "Schedule with PearsonVue". click the "Schedule with PearsonVue  and follow the prompts to get to the to       complete the scheduling of your exam. 
  • Once you get to the testing location screen you will see locations based on the address location shown in the Search bar at the top.  This information can be changed if you are in a different location.
  • You can choose up to 3 locations at a time to view. The calendar for the location chosen by the radial will appear.  You can toggle between the three location or go back to choose different locations.
  • The calendar will appear, dates available will show in a light grey color with an outline around the date.  Once you choose the date available time will show below the calendar.  You will chose the time and follow the process to confirm your registration.

If you are trying to schedule your CBT to be take on the last day of your course, please be aware of the time your last day ends.  This information should be listed on your course registration confirmation.  You will need to be sure that you can get to the testing center prior the schedule time for your exam.  Failure to be on time will result in you not be able to test.  You will receive a No-Show, that will count as one of your attempts at the exam and you will forfeit any fees paid or your pre-paid attempt.