Before scheduling a CBT exam to be taken on the same day as the last day of your course, please check your class times.  We recommend you know your travel time to and from a testing center to allow yourself enough time to travel.  If do not make it to the scheduled location by your start time you will not be allowed to test and that scheduled exam will count as an attempt and fees for that attempt will be forfieted.  That includes fees paid and if you used a pre-paid attempt.

Please note that there is a strict 24 cancellation and reschedule policy with PearsonVue.  If you wish to reschedule or cancel your exam you will need to complete the task a full 24 hours in advance.  If the CBT exam has not been rescheduled or cancel prior to the 24 hours it sill be considered an attempt and will show as a No-Show and the fees for that attempt are non-refundable.